U.I.M. F1 World Tour To Honor It’s Past Heros In Racing!

The World’s most recognized power boat racing series, the U.I.M. F1 World Championship Tour, announces today that they will take a giant step in honoring special individuals from around the world who made a special impact on the sport of catamaran racing in the past 50 years.

Long time head of the U.I.M. F1 World Championship and promoter of the series Nicolo di San Germano will officially announce the plan for a “Lap of Honor” Award and a Hall of Fame that will salute individuals that have made a special impact on the sport since its inception back in the early 1960’s.

“Our series officially began back in 1981, however, the sport of catamaran racing dates back to the early 1960’s and the sport of power boat racing even farther back beginning in 1903,” said San Germano. “We want to now begin honoring the people that have paved the way to our success today by honoring special individuals and creating a “Lap of Honor” Trophy. This will open a door and give all race fans an opportunity to learn about the past hero’s in this sport while at the same time understanding where the sport has come from and where the sport is heading as we near the close of the first decade of the 21st century.”

There are many well deserved candidates to be offered a place in the “Hall Of Fame” however only four this initial year will be placed in nomination as media members who cover the U.I.M. F1 World Championship on a full time basis will be eligible to vote. The two with the most votes of the four nominated will be elected in the “Hall Of Fame” in 2009.

All candidates will get a two year window of opportunity to enter the “Hall”. So, if they fail to get voted in the first year, they will then be transferred to the ballots for 2010 as well. If they fail to get elected the second year their name will be removed from consideration for 2011.

“We realize that the sport of catamaran racing goes back almost 50 years and it’s important for us to look at the expanded picture to honor the right people for this “Lap of Honor” said Nicolo. “We are also going to open this up to the fans and give them a chance to vote for their top two choices by putting the ballot on the homepage of our www.f1boat.com website and giving the combined total of recipient’s 25% of the vote in the process. This gives the fans a chance to put in their “voice” for the “Lap of Honor” Award to the candidates as well which will make it fun for everyone.”


Lap of Honor 2013

UK John Hill

Italy Guido Cappellini


Lap of Honor 2012

The Netherlands Cees Van der Velden

UK David Parkinson


Lap of Honor 2011

USA Ziggy Boettle

USA Charlie Strang


Lap of Honor 2010

USA Fred Hauestein

USA Scott Gillman


Lap of Honor 2009

Italy Renato Molinari

USA Bill Seebold

UIM F1H2O World Championship
Saudi Arabia SAU Dammam Mar 30 C
Portugal POR Portimao May 19 C
France FRA Evian Jul 7 C
China CHN Xiamen Oct 19 C
China CHN Xiamen Oct 20 C
UAE UAE Sharjah Dec 21 C
date and venue could be changed

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Grand Prix of China - Xiamen
01 Shaun Torrente  
02 Philippe Chiappe + 0.91 secs
03 Jonas Andersson + 2.75 secs
Fastest Lap
Shaun Torrente 0:56.12
Pole Position
Shaun Torrente 0:50.87
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