Hans@ head neck support

In the last few years' passive safety has increased to such an extent that it is almost total. As a rule, all pilots must wear Hans@ head   neck support. The device helps to reduce the chance of serious injury from head motions and neck loads in case of an accident. It protects pilot's head from being pulled away from his upper body. Forces stretching the neck in a frontal collision are also reduced by more than 80%.

It is also mandatory to use carbon fibre and Kevlar to built the cockpit (this applies to wooden hulls as well). The cockpit must be coated with shockproof material to protect the driver's head, arms and knees. The interiors must not have sharp angles or overhangs, which could be dangerous on impact.

The drivers are free to choose if they want the cockpit roof open or closed. The cockpit must, anyhow, feature a windscreen built in the same material as that of the American F14 fighters (Lexan), which is bulletproof. Very few drivers now decide upon an open capsule, since most of them keep it closed – having avoided the mist-up of the windscreen by means of air inlets. The dome of the cockpit is nudged or slided (easy to open) and the driver sits on F1 car-type seats, secured with quick-snap safety belts. Every boat has to have reserve buoyancy to facilitate rescue operation of unconscious pilot especially when the boat is capsized.

In addition to these safety features, F1 Powerboat is also equipped with airbags to cushion the impact of a collision.

The tips of the hulls must be built in deformable material, usually plastic foam, which brings down the penetration force in case of collision.

Helmet and lifejacket, are, of course, compulsory. Nevertheless, every driver has to pass the so called «turtle test» (because of the name of the device used, which is similar to a large turtle), which is carried out in a swimming pool. They have to demonstrate to be able to exit the sunken cockpit. Those who partake in an F1 powerboat race have to hold a super license issued by their national federation and recognised by the URM, It is valid for one year. The maximum age is 59 years.

Since the dunk test became part of the driver licensing requirements, Osprey Rescue Team has become personally familiar with the test.



UIM F1H2O World Championship
Saudi Arabia SAU Dammam Mar 30 C
Portugal POR Portimao May 19 C
France FRA Evian Jul 7 C
China CHN Xiamen Oct 19 C
China CHN Xiamen Oct 20 C
UAE UAE Sharjah Dec 21 C
date and venue could be changed

Photo Pro
Grand Prix of China - Xiamen
01 Shaun Torrente  
02 Philippe Chiappe + 0.91 secs
03 Jonas Andersson + 2.75 secs
Fastest Lap
Shaun Torrente 0:56.12
Pole Position
Shaun Torrente 0:50.87
Raceboat International
Neon JAS
H2O Racing